Most Businesses Need Partners

The simple fact is that (almost) none of us are perfect. We all have special talents and skills. And we all have certain limitations. One person may be an outstanding technology person, but have no idea about marketing. Another may be a whiz at accounting […]

The Life Cycle of a Business

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of being on a panel to discuss how to start, grow and protect your business. We also discussed what to do, or how to plan ahead for when your business partners may want to break up. We […]

Clients Need Your Understanding

Right now, small businesses all over America are at risk. Risk of eviction, loss of employees, not enough emergency funds in the bank. Suppliers facing shortages, past due bills piling up. The list goes on. The one thing that service providers can – and must […]

When Does Business “Take Root”?

I read a really interesting article in Forbes recently, which is linked below. We’ve all read the statistics about how small businesses account for the vast majority of job growth (and innovation) in this country. But when does a “start-up” turn into a “scale up” […]