Mergers & Acquisitions

Some business owners buy an existing business to reduce their risk when launching a new venture. Sellers only get one shot to harvest what they have spent a lifetime building. Whether you are the Buyer or the Seller, people need experienced legal advice and financial planning to achieve the best results.

“… Matt provided quality legal strategy and counsel at a time my company was growing more than 100% a year. HIs fast paced work was flawless and made it easier for us to be prepared for an eventual acquisition.”

Brian Cohen | Professional Angel Investor, Author

Buying or Selling a Business

You may be looking to cash out after a lifetime spent building up your business, to fund your retirement or help provide for your children or grandchildren. You may be interested in transitioning your business to your adult children, or perhaps your trusted employees.

Buying a business allows you to become your own boss, and build up assets for the future. It is essential that you have a lawyer who understands business valuation, tax implications of the transaction, and how to read financial statements and business tax returns to make sure you get the best deal.


Mergers and acquisitions are not “cookie cutter”. Buyers shouldn’t always automatically prefer Asset Purchases, for instance.

Changing the corporate ownership of a business might require that the company enter into new leases, new license agreements or new government registrations, or else face an interrruption of revenues.

Each case is unique. Put my experience to work evaluating your options.

Bank Loans and Finance Agreements

If you’re looking to take out a loan or line of credit for your business, shop for good terms, but talk to me before you sign a commitment letter. Because once you’ve signed a commitment letter, you’ve lost most of your bargaining power.

Private Placements are how entrepreneurs raise investment capital to buy or launch a business. Knowledge of tax issues and securies law expertise is essential.

We’ve helped many entrepreneurs raise seed or first round investment capital. We prepare investment documents to raise capital, and negotiate transaction documents with a Buyer or Seller.

Licensing & Commercialization of
IP From Research Institutions

We have licensed patented college research for commercialization by private investors with Cornell University, Syracuse University, the United States Army, and SUNY Upstate Medical Research Center.

We have over 30 years of intellectual property licensing experience, from copyrights and trademarks to patents and trade secrets. We have litigated disputes over IP on behalf of our clients.

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Helping People Protect and Grow Their Business

We mix practical business advice, informed by decades of helping business owners just like you, with strategic counsel and legal services to help you grow and protect your business.