With more people getting vaccinated, and COVID cases on the decline, the government has started easing restrictions, and before you know it, we will all be back to “Business As Usual” (or almost …).

How will you handle the transition? Business colleagues and clients will begin to expect more face to face meetings.

Will you still wear a mask? Will you be willing to dine indoors? What about people, or businesses, who are not ready to take off their masks?

My advice to you is to try to be flexible and understanding of people’s personal preferences.  After being told that we were “at risk” for over a year, it’s hard to adjust your behavior to accept that everything is fine after all this time.

To be successful in business, it all comes down to the customer.  Make sure they are comfortable, and communicate your personal preferences when you talk about setting up a meeting.  

That’s today’s business tip.  Be safe out there, and be kind to those who are still being on the cautious side.  It’s just good business.

Mask or No Mask? Which will your clients choose?