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Too Much Retail Space Means Opportunity for Small Business Owners

I saw an interesting article that talks about how e-commerce (especially Amazon) has taken away so much business from traditional retail stores that there are bargains to be found right now for business owners. The US has 5 times as much retail space per person as they do in Europe. Tenants have never had more leverage than they have today to get a great deal. Talk to me about your leasing needs. I have clients here in Syracuse who are located in a couple indoor shopping centers that are suffering from lack of tenants, which is a problem all over the country. While the downside is that there is not so much foot traffic to generate walk-in customers, if you have a more “community oriented” kind of use (think health club, after-school programs like gymnastics, kickboxing, karate, community theater programs, etc.), then landlords who own these indoor malls want tenants like you – usually at a very affordable rent – just to get “live bodies” into the shopping center. If your kids are going to be at an activity for an hour or two, what else would a parent do, aside from a little shopping? There are deals to be had out there, if you are looking for an affordable space to grow your business.

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