When Does Business “Take Root”?

I read a really interesting article in Forbes recently, which is linked below. We’ve all read the statistics about how small businesses account for the vast majority of job growth (and innovation) in this country. But when does a “start-up” turn into a “scale up” – that is, a business that is truly growing and […]

Basic Tax Considerations When Buying a Business

During the last couple months, I have had a surge of business purchases or sales. I thought this would be a good time to share some basic observations about the tax implications of buying or selling a business. The video below will provide you with some pluses and minuses, from a tax perspective, of buying […]

What Motivates a Shark?

Kevin O’Leary, one of the investor-stars of Shark Tank, gave an interview recently.  He was asked what motivates entrepreneurs to do what they do. Many people may not realize, but all of the Sharks on the TV show are real investors who have built and sold businesses before, including O’Leary, who first started out in […]

The Green Wave is Coming

Hi, folks.  Many business publications have written articles in the last few years about how the Baby Boomer Generation is approaching retirement age. While many people may be sick of hearing about the Boomers, many of them are business owners who have to start thinking about an exit, and how to harvest what they have […]

Understanding the Basics of Copyright

I received a phone call from a lady today who thought she might have a claim against Nicki Minaj for the song “Barbie Dreams”, because she thought of the idea of a singer as a Barbie Doll before the song ever came out.  So, does she have a case The short answer is “No”. First, […]

Too Much Retail Space Means Opportunity for Small Business Owners

I saw an interesting article that talks about how e-commerce (especially Amazon) has taken away so much business from traditional retail stores that there are bargains to be found right now for business owners. The US has 5 times as much retail space per person as they do in Europe. Tenants have never had more […]

Obtaining a Trademark Can Be a Challenge Sometimes

I recently finished up a trademark application for a client who manufactures security equipment in a foreign country. From the time of the original application, until it passed the 30 day “publication period” for anyone to come forward to oppose the registration of this trademark, took a total of 3 1/2 years.  You read that […]