Understanding the Basics of Copyright

I received a phone call from a lady today who thought she might have a claim against Nicki Minaj for the song “Barbie Dreams”, because she thought of the idea of a singer as a Barbie Doll before the song ever came out.  So, does she have a case The short answer is “No”. First, […]

Protecting Your Business Ideas

Once you’ve started a new business, or once you’ve been running your business for a while, you may realize that you have a special way of delivering your service, or making your product.  There may be a special feature that you have that separates you from your competitors. When you have a “Special Sauce” that […]

Filing for Trademarks to Protect Your Business Name

Once you’ve set up a business entity and started selling your products or services, one of the next steps is to file for trademark protection.  Trademarks protect things like your business name, your web site, and the names of your products or services.  You can even file to protect any logos that you might use […]