Starting a New Business in the New Year

Sometimes the end of the year is a time for new beginnings.  Sometimes people take their retirement at year end.  Sometimes that’s when  they are offered an early-buy out, as companies examine their budget for the New Year. 

Or, maybe you had some good news – you might have come into an inheritance, or maybe you have saved up enough money that you want to try to make a business out of that particular thing you love to do – whether it’s photography, shooting video, painting, being a carpenter, a handyman or a landscape artist. 

Many people use year-end as the perfect time to plan for their “Next Act”.  What you need to do to maximize your chances for success are to find a set of trusted advisors – a lawyer, an insurance agent and an accountant. 

One of the easiest ways to find professionals to help build out your business team is to talk to other people who work in the industry that you are considering for your new business.  It’s always useful to have someone who has already done what you want to do as an advisor.  There is no better teacher than experience.

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